Montserrat Vicens

Curriculum vitae


Born February 1962 in Catalunya, Spain.

From 1975, the date of her fathers death, she studied and worked in different businesses. She has also done artistic works as decorator of public places and sold 3D pictures made by her self.

1984 she began her career in the sea world.

After obtaining the title of captain of ships and instructor of diving she lived and worked for 25 years in different ships and in different ports.

As diving instructor, she created a project to introduce children to marine biology.

Also, she was the first woman in Spain to command a First Rescue Intervention Ship for the Spanish Sea Rescue Center.

Montserrat Vicens has managed to balance her work duties at sea with her on-going concern of shaping her enigmas, expressing herself through art.

For her knowledge in arts she studied at the Center of Art and Design “Escola Massana” and at the School “El Taller de Joyeria” both during the time the ship she was working on was mooring in the Marina Port Vell of Barcelona, Spain.

Since 2009 she has been living and working as artist in her own atelier in Schlieren, near Zurich (Switzerland).